Growth Hacking for Sustainable Businesses




Business Development
for Green Pioneers

Growth & Performance
for a Sustainable Economy


  • strategische Skalierung
  • Gestaltung von neuen Marketing- & Vertriebswegen
  • Funnel-Design
  • Flywheel, um Produkte abheben zu lassen
  • Business Hedgehog
  • High-Performance Team Development


  • Schärfung der Zielgruppe
  • USP & Produktdefinition
  • Optimierung der Nische & des Produkt-Market-Fit
  •  Kampagnen-Design für Facebook, Google, LinkedIn
  • Targeting, Retargeting, Audience-Definition

After Interviewing more than 40 climate action-takers we can say...

the trouble of climate change is pretty clear and well explained, the solutions to solve it are there BUT we are lacking behind in implementing these solutions.

Our podcast gives us the opportunity to talk to the lighthouse entrepreneurs, activists, politicians and scientists to understand climate change from a lot of perspectives.

This is why we decided to help those who make the transformation towards the SDGs happening through our skillset in growth hacking to leverage their power.

A few of the companies we have interviewed:

The solutions are clear but the implementation is missing

We are excited about the individuals and companies who dedicate their service to community, environment and humanity without sacrificing themselves. 

They mastered or are on the way to master the interplay between nature and economics in regards to the SDG.

Our Toolbelt is fully equipped

Data- and KPI Analysis

Diving deep into your data we analyze potentials for growth most others overlook identifying insights about your target group they didn't even know about themselves.


Creating one strong funnel can be the difference between failure and success. Therefore we create landingpages that sell.

Social Media Advertising

Everyone and their dog uses social nowadays. We help you reach your target group at the right time with messages that deeply touch them at their core.

Design Thinking

Business is nothing more than solving problems on a continuous basis. So if we want to solve the challenge of climate change we need the most cutting-edge frameworks.

Sales & Automation

We have world-class experts training and coaching your sales team creating evergreen sales strategies and scripts.

Growth Hacking

When your business is ready will we turn on the engine and create sustainable growth for your business.

A few of our world-changing clients:

Wir glauben, dass die Transformation von Unternehmen und Organisationen die Welt verändert.
Unser Know-How investieren wir in die ganzheitliche Umwandlung bestehender Strukturen und das Empowerment von nachhaltigen Unternehmen, Cradle-2-Cradle-Produkten und der Circular Economy.
Mother Earth’s Bodyguard entwickelt Institutionen, die an die wirtschaftlichen Vorzüge systemischer Nachhaltigkeit glauben. 
Als Unternehmer-Netzwerk liegt unsere Kernkompetenz in der Strategieberatung. 

Team & Partner


Founder Mother Earth’s Bodyguard &
Mother Earth’s Heroes Show Podcast

Co-Founder Mother Earth’s Bodyguard,
Systemischer Design Thinker


Co-Host Mother Earth’s Heroes Show,
Growth Hacker


Beraterin, Bionikerin,
Sustainable Innovatorin


Berater, Former CEO IDEO Germany,
Design Thinker & Investor


Berater, Distrust Buster &

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