The Mother Earth's Heroes Show
The Mother Earth's Heroes Show
Do you know this feeling? Do you also wonder why except through all the urgency that is being shown in the media there are still no results in putting an end to the climate crisis? We are sick of leaving this problem to the ones whose words sound so sophisticated but their actions show differently... Therefore, we are searching for the action-takers in this crisis. The ones who act despite the overwhelming forces coming against them! We are your hosts - Nicolaj Grabert and Maximilian Lehmann and we have decided to go out and interview the change-makers of our time.
When Data Science meets Climate Change with Olivier Corradi, founder Tomorrow & Electricitymap
by Team Earth Heroes

In this episode, we are talking to Olivier Corradi. 5 years ago after working on a project for wind energy in Denmark he decided to quit his job to focus on finding scalable solutions for climate change.

As a data scientist, he began collecting data and creating models to better understand the status of global energy consumption.

After he connected the dots and understood the big picture he turned his research into his first product — ElectricityMap.

Over the years Olivier and his team have turned Olivier into a valuable tool for scientists, teachers, and politicians.

He also started North, an app that helps you to make your CO2 footprint visible to you and calculate your CO2 budget among others.

If you want to find out how these learnings could help you to have a better impact, then listen to this show.

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