The Mother Earth's Heroes Show
The Mother Earth's Heroes Show
Do you know this feeling? Do you also wonder why except through all the urgency that is being shown in the media there are still no results in putting an end to the climate crisis? We are sick of leaving this problem to the ones whose words sound so sophisticated but their actions show differently... Therefore, we are searching for the action-takers in this crisis. The ones who act despite the overwhelming forces coming against them! We are your hosts - Nicolaj Grabert and Maximilian Lehmann and we have decided to go out and interview the change-makers of our time.
Serial App Entrepreneur takes on Climate Change, Markus Gilles, founder KLIMA
by Team Earth Heroes

„How can you use tech for good?“

That is a question that Markus had asked himself for quite a while now.

He started his career as a political activist at the age of 16, became a filmmaker creating the most viral German sustainability campaign in the history of YouTube, and worked for the German Fairtrade Network.

On his quest to have a positive impact he also started several app businesses to get closer to actualizing his vision.

One being Hyper, a social network for curated videos that quickly got acquired by Mic.com, a venture capital-backed company in the US.

Another being MIGHTY a self-defense app for women that got featured by renowned magazines like Vogue and Spiegel as well as becoming a favorite by Apple.

According to him, he has now come „full circle“ by working on an app that helps everyone to use their smartphone to effectively reduce their CO2 footprint.

So, how does it work?

1. You calculate your climate footprint in a very visual way and by answering simple questions

2. You choose an area you like most – Nature, Technology, Social

3. You choose which projects you want to support to offset your carbon footprint

Definitely check out the app by clicking the link below to find a way to lower your own footprint.