The Mother Earth's Heroes Show
The Mother Earth's Heroes Show
The Mother Earth’s Heroes Show shines a light on the thought-leader and influencers designing companies, products and systems that promote positive change to create a healthy planet and society as a whole. The current climate crisis can feel overwhelming and hopeless; our podcast highlights that change is not only possible but already happening. There is #hope! However, we all need to take the first step, and there is still a long way to go. Join us and find out how some heroes have started that journey.
Felix Staeritz (CEO) & Dr. Sven Jungmann (Chief Medical Officer) @Founderslane & Fightback – über das eingreifen in komplexe Probleme
by Team Earth Heroes

„Unite leaders worldwide to create a more sustainable, healthy, and inclusive world.“

Um das zu erreichen, haben Felix Staeritz & Dr Sven Jungmann die FightBack Community begründet.

Das es sich bei globalen Problemen um komplexe Systeme handelt, ist nichts neues. Doch wie greifen wir in diese ein?

Darüber & über die Arbeit von Felix & Sven bei Fightback und FoundersLane sprechen wir in dieser Episode der Mother Earth’s Heroes Show Podcast.

Checkt Fightback aus auf: https://www.joinfightback.com/

Das erste Buch findet ihr hier: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Felix-Staeritz/dp/1912555522/ref=pd_sim_1?pd_rd_w=iCIWO&pf_rd_p=86522801-f36d-41ca-89a2-1d4124c54003&pf_rd_r=MNNH8CHGTSM9QNBHD35G&pd_rd_r=8ddca2a9-fa92-4835-bae6-0396781b66df&pd_rd_wg=Xuxvg&pd_rd_i=1912555522&psc=1

Und das Zweite: https://www.amazon.de/FightBack-NOW-Leveraging-assets-normal/dp/1911671332

Und zu guter letzt, die Webseite zu Founderslane: https://founderslane.com/