The Mother Earth's Heroes Show
The Mother Earth's Heroes Show
Do you know this feeling? Do you also wonder why except through all the urgency that is being shown in the media there are still no results in putting an end to the climate crisis? We are sick of leaving this problem to the ones whose words sound so sophisticated but their actions show differently... Therefore, we are searching for the action-takers in this crisis. The ones who act despite the overwhelming forces coming against them! We are your hosts - Nicolaj Grabert and Maximilian Lehmann and we have decided to go out and interview the change-makers of our time.
From living two years in the wilderness to protect the rainforest with 100.000 of people – Matthias Langwasser, founder Regenbogenkreis
by Team Earth Heroes

Matthias is the Founder of Regenbogenkreis a company that focuses on providing products out of the rainforest to enable indigenous families with work so they can keep their land. Furthermore, Matthias makes sure that the profits of the company are invested in the protection and reforestation for the green-lungs of our world.

Matthias‘ journey began when he lived for two years in the wilderness and just ate what nature provided him with.

By accident, he ate plants that poisoned him. His body entered a state of delirium through which he found answers to questions that formed his life.

When Matthias left the wilderness, he followed his passion for food and joined a permaculture farm. In the following years, he then translated his love for food and became a known vegan cook and wrote the book „Vegane Kochkunst“.

To leverage his impact and follow the answers he had found to his life purpose back then in nature – to save the rainforest – he started with Regenbogenkreis.

Today the operation employs 20 people and many more freelancers. They reach 100.000+ people every month with their mission to safe the rainforest and provide high-quality products out of it.

We had a deep-dive into the milestones of his story and talked about the role of money, his company culture, how to face and handle things that are going wrong in the company or world and so much more. Enjoy the inspirational story and get deeper insights into Matthias philosophy on the website of Regenbogenkreis at https://www.regenbogenkreis.de/