Sustainable Design Sprints International

Sustainable Design Sprints

Create future-fit Products and Processes in just 1 week.

Our workshops can be applied at different stages of the product lifecycle.

Our Offer:
3-day workshop
to determine a product strategy with the help of our renowned experts consisting of innovation coaches and product designers helping your to create products relevant to your customers and in alignment with your company goals to drive true, authentic ecological impact.

Who is behind the programme?

Sebastian gluschak

Business Development TLGG, Co-Founder & Managing Director KANCHA Design

Sophie Gacs Sustainable Design Sprint

Sophie Gacs

Bio-engineer, Sustainable Innovation


Karl Hosang

Concept and Facilitator

Sustainable Design Sprints at your space

Developing ecologically and economically successful products and processes.

We are happy to support you on your path to develop a concept for a sustainable design sprint for you and your company in Berlin and all around Germany.

Just get in touch.

Open Seminars

We host open trainings in special venues like the Factory in Berlin or you come to our retreat Lebensgut in Pommritz in the midst of nature to spend your time with great food, regenerative activities and a good dose of learning.